Technical Assistance


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"a modern solution based on years of experience"

RSL is best placed to offer design and selection expertise for any industrial/commercial refrigeration or air conditioning projects. Our highly qualified sales engineers specializing across the field and our 70 years in the industry has nurtured a formidable knowledge base. We regularly attend international seminars and training sessions to keep us on the cutting edge of new technique and technology. When you come to RSL, you can be certain of a modern solution based in years of experience.

 Advice and Information

In order to offer the best technical advice we use the latest information technologies. Many of our suppliers employ permanent lobbyists to monitor and advise us of impending or changing government and EC regulation. RSL make it a priority to be on top of the latest changes to legislation.

We can supply the following by email, fax or post, or simply check out our downloads page:

  • MSDS certs (Safety data sheets)
  • CE certs
  • Certificates of conformity
  • Latest Standards
  • Latest Government and EC regulations where they refer to our industry

RSL have developed our own software for design and optimised equipment selection. The software of our various Suppliers is freely available to our customers.