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Centauro: New TA & TALE Unit Coolers

Posted by admin on April 1, 2016


New range TA & TALE coolers have been designed to replace the original TA & TALE series. All models are fitted with single phase motors. Casings are of AlMg alloy, which is resistive to corrosion and has a smooth finish similar in appearance to stainless steel. All new models feature inner finned copper tubing for the highest heat transfer combined with aluminium fins.


The wedge shape design ensures that these coolers take up the minimum headroom and the drip trays can be lowered to gain access to change heaters, fan motor etc. The models listed here are all part of the stock range but smaller models are also available for reach in boxes and cabinets.

TA Coolers with 4.2mm fin spacing are ideal for small chill room applications with the TAE version offering full electric defrosting.


TALE Coolers with 6.3mm fin spacing come with full electric defrosting and are designed for freezer rooms. TAL models without defrost are available to order for special applications.


TA/E with 4.2mm fin spacing


Capacity correction factors


TALE with 6.3mm fin spacing


Capacity correction factors


To determine the capacity for a particular condition multiply the nominal capacity by the factor shown in the table above. For example a TALE 2313 cooler at -20C room temperature and with 5K mean temperature difference will have a capacity of 1.77 x 0.490 = 0.87 KW.

Centauro products are manufactured in Portugal and distributed in the United Kingdom and Ireland by the RSL Group.

Download the printable PDF versionĀ here.